Where Can I Get A Miniature Bull Terrier For Cheap?

hi my name is colt and im 14 years old and im looking for a miniature bull terrier for 300-400 or free. please do not i WILL be able to care for it and keep it healthy so please don’t say anything mean or if you don’t know do NOT answer. if you do know or have one for sale please tell me ill be available at any time if you want to talk. please if know a web site post the link or if you have one for sale please let me know your e-mail so i can talk. note im very poor but i will be able to care for the dog i am experienced at traning and caring for dogs please help and if you dont know or you have some thing to say but it will upset me please do not say it. thank you

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One Response to “Where Can I Get A Miniature Bull Terrier For Cheap?”

  1. MamaBas says:

    For starters, I really hope your parents, especially mum, is in agreement with this because believe me, at only 14, it will all be up to her ultimately as your social life and school work kicks in.
    Secondly, you won’t find one on a website like this, but contact the local Breed Club where you live (it must be mum or dad who does the contacting as no reputable breeder will sell to anybody who is underage I’m afraid).
    It can’t be guaranteed that any answer on here ‘won’t upset you’. You just have to learn how to sift through the answers that don’t hep, or answer your question.
    Lastly, but not least – this isn’t a buy/sell website and it’s highly unlikely that anybody would risk putting their personal email addy here. 10/10 for effort here, but your parents will need to help you find your perfect puppy.

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