Where Can I Get An Adjustable Desk Lamp Neck ?

I would like to know where I can get a flexible, adjustable hallow tubing that is between 30-50 cm in length. I need it for my for my A2 Product Design product which is a adjustable Desk Lamp but I havent really found anything that will do the job.
Can anyone help?
Just a example of what the tubing looks like on a product:

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2 Responses to “Where Can I Get An Adjustable Desk Lamp Neck ?”

  1. XTX says:

    === any hardware store may not work and you might need to buy a “”goose neck”” desk lamp to do your project and if more are needed then you will have to seek out a company that can supply you with the parts that you require.. hope this suggestion helps and the best places to purchase the adjustable desk lamps are going to be Wal-mart or K-mart as they generally have low prices and you might check with the dollar general or Family Dollar and Big Lots stores …………

  2. William B says:

    hardware store,s

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