where can i get an english copy of the quran?

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22 Responses to “where can i get an english copy of the quran?”

  1. thor_hestnes says:

    I got mine there

  2. the_wirral_sniper says:

    babelfish translater web page

  3. Mousebait says:

    do a search on the internet. just type in the appropriate search and it will pop up for you.

  4. ΚαταЋσЮs says:

    Try the *fiction* section of most major bookstores.

    There are about a dozen different English translations (version) of the Qur’an. None of them match word-for-word. Hopefully a knowledgeable Muslim can tell you which version *they* think is the most reliable.

    Good luck, and God bless

  5. War Games says:

    I bought mine at a used bookstore. Barnes & Noble carries them, just look in the religion section. If they don’t have it, they can order it.

  6. *Saraa* says:

    any bookstore.. Barnes & Noble shud have it

    Amazon has lots of em too, and the best part bout amazon, is that you can see people’s review of the book, so you know whether to buy it.

    here are a few which are rated 4-5 star :



  7. Comrade Abdul Hassan says:

    http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/index.htm is an online version. You can get English copies of Amazon or at most bookshops.

  8. mznocent says:

    Local public library or bookstore. I almost picked one up a few hours ago when I was at the library, but decided to go with some light fiction instead.

  9. herman7spooky says:

    you’d be better off reading the dictionary

  10. mikehughes52 says:

    Just go to any bookstore and ask for it ,most bookstores will have it.I myself have a copy that I got from the Chapters bookstore

  11. The Eternal Squire says:

    I have read that according to Islam the Quran is always in Arabic, and if translated in any other language it ceases to be the quran.

  12. Theophilus says:

    In English it is the Koran, and is available at any major book store under religion.

    Mine is:
    The Koran Interpreted
    A Translation by A.J. Arberry

    Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Harvard University said,
    "Certainly the most beautiful English version, and among those by non-Muslim translators the one that comes closest to conveying the impression made on Muslims by the original."


  13. ♥ terry g ♥ says:

    You can find many translations online, or at Border’s.

  14. william s says:

    Why would you want one?.

  15. seul says:

    In your quest for knowledge may you derive benefit. . .For free Qur’aan and other Islamic literature,phone,call in person or write to a ‘Islamic Propagation Centre’. . . The Muslim organisation will comply to your request with no questions on your religious beliefs or philosophical ideas. . . Or approach Muslim people who you are perhaps acquainted with,eg: a neighbour,at school,at campus,businesses ect… they would be dedicated to fulfilling the obligation of sharing Islam with others.

  16. paradise says:

    most book shops have i think!!
    hope u enjoy reading it,

    i read the arabic/english version togeva and theres no book like it!

  17. Gouch says:

    I’ve got one in my shitehouse, there’s a few pages left I haven’t used to wipe my a*se

  18. Iain says:

    Get the Pickthall translation — use the Internet book site.

  19. *●ѕтαяяу gυяℓ●* says:

    Go to an Imam

  20. alan h says:

    At any good bookshop

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