Where can i get an R4 Revolution for DS in Ireland?

I tried on amazon.co.uk but none of the ones I found deliver to Ireland. I know a guy working for amazon and he said the they don’t deliver electronics out of the uk.
I tried searching other websites but i couldn’t find any that sell the R4.

I have run out of ideas, Please help.

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2 Responses to “Where can i get an R4 Revolution for DS in Ireland?”

  1. adam_l38 says:

    The website I bought mine from are really reliable and I recieved my R4 realy quick, i’m not from ireland but you could always check to see if they post to there. They are based in england and you can pay via paypal which is very secure.

  2. xu k says:

    Don’t get from Amazon, therey are many fake cards, some one said his r4 which bought from Amazon stopped at ‘"Loding Page".

    I recommend you order from http://www.digimartz.com , which is an older r4ds seller.

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