Where can i get bargain basement lingerie from online?

I understand their highstreet such as primark and peacock that offer value for money multipacks of bras and pants, is there anywhere on line that sells, cheap and cheerful bargain basement lingerie?

Ps i mean cheap as in value for money

– not cheap as in tacky or slutty

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2 Responses to “Where can i get bargain basement lingerie from online?”

  1. sparklyarhse says:

    You get what you pay for.

    Primark & such like sell pretty cheap lingerie, this is true. But it’s crap.


  2. Fashion Doctor says:

    Hi There!

    Lovely lingerie is so rare and expensive.. There is this brand new website http://www.e-privatesale.com where you can find great value items! I know that they have Chantelle lingerie at crazy prices!

    have a look!


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