Where can I get Black ops for £25?

Is there anywhere i can get this game on xbox 360 for this price? I heard there are some discount codes etc… any help is appreciated. Thanks
Turning 360 degrees would mean you were still facing it. Good one.

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5 Responses to “Where can I get Black ops for £25?”

  1. Liam Turner says:

    An obvious answer would be ebay despite the fact that many ore over £30, but if you keep looking you may find one for the price your looking for, or get lucky with a winning bid.

    Another place you could look are websites like ‘Swoopo’ which are a new type of auction site. Items generally go very cheap on here BUT be careful because each bid you make costs money so you could end up losing a lot if you don’t bid efficiently.

    Other that that I would simply suggest asking a friend, or a friend of a friend – just ask around in general and see if anybody’s selling one, even try trading a few.

  2. Derek C says:

    why do they call it an xbox 360?

    because you turn 360 degrees and walk away 😀

  3. Gogs says:

    You can try Ebay

    Or pop into Game for a pre owned copy.

    360 degrees is a full circle, so you would be facing exactly the same way as where you started. If you are trying to be funny then you would only be turning 180 deg to turn away. But I guess that wouldn’t work with the name of the console now would it. So not really funny at all. Time to go and play your lame PS3 no doubt :0

    Oh looks like 360 Joke boy has deleted his answer, must realise he’s a T**T

  4. toffee says:

    put voucher codes into google and that should give you some online vouchers take a look at the sits that google pops up with,
    you can always trade in some of you games to get the price down in some shops
    I hope that help plus that other persons joke is just not funny if you turn 360 degrees you just end up where you started from

  5. stu says:

    try your local game shop, see how much they are selling used blackops for and maybe to get it cheaper trade in one or two of your games this way u get it real cheap. ebay wont help im pretty sure there is no way u find blackops for 25

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