Where can I get cheap last minute deal train tickets from ?

I really need to travel up somewhere to see a friend of mine who is very ill and I need to travel up today. I need really cheap last minute deals from any website, please, this is very important to me. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “Where can I get cheap last minute deal train tickets from ?”

  1. Christopher says:

    If you need to buy your ticket on the day there are no cheap deals – you only get those by booking well in advance.

  2. Kraig says:


  3. David S says:

    Not the Trainline which is a commercial ticketing site. Most of the cheapest tickets are sold well in advance of your journey. The cheapest ticket you can pick up at the station at the time of travel is an ‘Off Peak Return’ or Super Off Peak Return.. These are valid on all trains at weekends. There are time restrictions on weekdays, so if you are returning next week enquire about permissible times.
    you can save 34% on all tickets with a railcard

  4. Paul says:

    See if you are looking for cheaper deals in train then let me tell you, its like impossible in last minutes because this thing is often seen that cheaper deals or discount offers are provided in poor routes where they need more passengers. So its better to book tickets in advance rather then waiting for more cheaper deals because its not available in every area.

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