Where can I get cheap rail tickets?

Does anyone know where I can get cheap train tickets from London to Edinburgh on 9th August?
Or any discount codes that will help bring the price down?
how do i find details on the £14 offer on national express?

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4 Responses to “Where can I get cheap rail tickets?”

  1. Shrinking Violet says:

    Do you have a Young Person’s or Student railcard (1/3 off if you do!)?

    I WOULD NOT recommend travelling from London to Edinburgh by coach (assuming you mean NE coaches, not trains). I’ve done it once, and that’s enough – hell on Earth doesn’t begin to describe it!


  2. ella says:

    try national express instead – may take a little longer but prop only cost about £12

    google national express

  3. caponhallstud says:

    National express have a promotion on at the moment which includes edinburgh-london for £14 not sure if its each way but its worth looking at.

  4. RichB says:

    On the train the cheapest fare I can see is £61.85 single, £102.40 return. There’s nothing cheaper than that.

    £61.85 is an advance single from nationalexpresseastcoast.com; £102.40 is a standard saver return that you can buy on the day of travel.

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