Where can i get good quality golf clubs at cheap prices?

Where can i get good quality golf clubs at cheap prices?

I want a good driver.

I have only just started golf so only want to spend £30-40 at the moment on a driver.

Please give me websites, shops etc.

Also if there are any bargains out there please tell me and i’ll be very likely to give to best answer. Thanks.
I bought a driver off ebay for £21.00 inclusing P&P.

It was a ‘Stix’ something rather.

Thanks everyone.

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5 Responses to “Where can i get good quality golf clubs at cheap prices?”

  1. andy e says:

    honestly ive got good stuff on ebay. be careful and really look at what ur buying but ive got real good stuff from there. rockbottemgolf.com like the other guy said is very good most of the stuff ive got off ebay was from their ebay store and ive been very happy with them. they also have balls and pretty much anything golf u could want. but out of any shops i would say ur local pga pro shop at most golf courses or near driving ranges would have very low prices competitive to only prices.

  2. Adam B says:

    i got a full set of ram demon xr driver 3 wood utility wood 5-sw irons putter bag n stand used once £40 if ya interested click on my profile n im me

  3. Alexander M says:

    Dicks is having a sale right now but not that low.

  4. sno f says:

    out of the back of someone elses car hahahaha

  5. David B says:

    I personally suggest you go to wowogolf.com to have a look.the price is reasonable and the quality is not so bad,I purchaseed CGB max fairway wood last month,seems nice.

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