Where Can I Get Proactiv For Free Or With Big Discount?

Please! I want to break free from acne, I am tired of being bullied at school for my pimples. I just want some proactiv for free but i don’t have money 🙁

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4 Responses to “Where Can I Get Proactiv For Free Or With Big Discount?”

  1. karen kremer smith says:

    Drink lots of water and eat your vegies, Tell them that God is in charge and it will helop them get to heaven a lot sooner if they gave you a lifetime supply.

  2. Mauricio says:

    oh… that sounds like you got yourself a pretty bad situation. But don’t worry, there are always some coupons and discounts for proactiv… this product has been out there for a while now and is trusted by millions of teenagers. I haven’t tried it myself but my sister has… here’s the link she used to get it: sorturl.net/?687085

  3. Repulsia says:

    Ebay you can get it fairly cheap but it is really nasty stuff that contains bleach and actually made my skin worse. I also accidentally got some body spray on my cheek and chin after using proactiv and it made that area of my face swell up, turn red, itchy and weep.
    If you’re acne is really as bad as you say, you should go to a doctor. There is acne medication. Otherwise (and you should be doing this anyway), drink loads of water, this flushes out your skin. Eat healthy and cleanse, tone and moisturise daily.

  4. chubchex says:

    proactive doesnt work on everyone, theres promo codes you could always use…..try 3 tbs of honey with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon every day after you shower for like the 30 min, your acne should start clearing up within a few weeks…also try birth control!:)

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