Where can i get the best Nintendo Ds deal from?

Im looking to buy my hubby a ds for xmas and im confused by all that’s on offer. Has anyone come across a really good deal? Also whats the main benefit with having a DSI instead is it just to game with other people do i really need this one?

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4 Responses to “Where can i get the best Nintendo Ds deal from?”

  1. Miffed! says:

    I got one for my partner. He loves the puzzle games.
    I found the best deal was argos at the time (This was a year ago)
    but game.co.uk are also doing good ones.

    I got him a DS Lite, and its great
    DSI is slightly more expensive cause it has a camera and an internet browser. Along with a larger screen – Please check out the DSI on http://www.game.co.uk (It tells you all about it)

    DS Lite is also cheaper! And comes in more colours!

  2. SILLY PEEN. says:


  3. Dj The King Daniels says:

    The DSI lets your hubby do more let get on the internet, take pics and play around with pic.As for a good deal i have to get back to you on that.

  4. Alice says:

    My brother got a free nintendo ds lite from this site…

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