Where can I get the cheapest FLIGHT deals to BANGLADESH from the UK?

I havent got much of a budget so Im looking around for the best and cheapest deals to BANGLADESH… any help would be much appreciated…

im looking to Travel at 5th of September 2008, all I want is a ONE-WAY ticket.

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4 Responses to “Where can I get the cheapest FLIGHT deals to BANGLADESH from the UK?”

  1. Yahoo!_man says:

    I’d give you my ticket because I’m against going as I think there’s nothing to do over there apart from watching knock-off DVDs.
    Turns out that I’m not going so its all good.

    I suggest you make friends with travel agents, or know someone who knows someone (if you know what I mean).

    Before our plans changed, I think there were flights going for around £600 (return) with Gulf Airlines, though I’m not sure on this.

    Get some quotes, put your name down on a list if there is a queue and keep an eye out when people cancel.

    If you could, try going a little later as schools will be opening up and thats when the herds of families come rushing back. It’ll be less busy getting there and prices may drop too.

    Have fun.

  2. Alec A says:

    I can really say because you didnt give a departure and return flight date. If you would be willing to tell a the dates send me an email and ill get you an answer.

  3. gomanyes says:

    Try Jet Airways from London to Delhi to Dhaka.

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