Where can I purchase an iPod with Student Discount?

Does the Apple store allow student discount on the newest iPod Nano? I recently purchased a Macbook and questioned about student discount on other products, and found that they don’t actually do it for everything; so do they allow it for iPods? If not, where might I be able to get an iPod WITH Student Discount? Thanks

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4 Responses to “Where can I purchase an iPod with Student Discount?”

  1. NONE says:

    Resellers frequently have them on sale at a better price than you’d get with a student discount off full price from Apple. Just keep an eye on local weekly ads for in-store sales, but also check online prices. BestBuy.com, for example, often has them on sale but online only, not in-store.

  2. Piyokochan says:

    Im pretty sure they do it with ipod touch (2nd generation) =D i watched a commercial

  3. Clint B says:

    You were in an Apple Store, and didn’t find out there? Call them directly. Or go back and visit. We’re only talking about fifteen or eighteen bucks!

  4. firemandan900 says:

    No promises this year but generally by late May or early June apple gives back $200ish when you purchase an iPod and Mac together, making everything up to the entry iPod Touch free after rebate. Note the rebate does not usually exceed the price of the iPod you buy. If you already have the mac unfourtantley Apple has not offered discounts on iPods for students for several years now.

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