Where Can I Purchase Or Read Online The Book : Ender’s Game?

I’m currently in Singapore and I’m in search of the book, Ender’s game.
I’m residing in Tampines and I know that there’s a library near here but I was wondering where I could purchase the book on an affordable price? Many are suggesting book sales but I doubt I could find the book in a massive book sale and I hardly know where I could find the closest book sale I could check on. So, do any of you know where I could purchase it and or even read it online? I’m really desperate. I’m hoping to be able to read it before the movie comes out by November so I really would appreciate your feedback. Thanks everyone! 😀

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One Response to “Where Can I Purchase Or Read Online The Book : Ender’s Game?”

  1. Coal_of_ says:

    Well, both Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer free programs (Kindle and Nook, respectively) that you can download to your computer to read ebooks with. You could then order the ebook version from them (I think it’s like 8 or 9 US dollars, not sure). At any rate, that would be the quickest way as you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they ship to Singapore.

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