where can you buy screen cleaning wipes at a reasonable price?

We went to curry’s and they wanted £8.00 for small pack and £10.00 for a large pack.

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  1. SuzieQ says:

    how about a go at ebay.co.uk

  2. classic says:

    What You Can Use


    Water with a tiny amount of soft liquid soap.

    Isopropyl Alcohol.


    Petroleum Benzine.

    Commercial glass cleaners that do not contain ammonia.

    What You Should Avoid



    Ethyl acid.

    Ethyl Alcohol.

    Methyl chloride.


    Commercial glass cleaners containing ammonia.

    How You Should Do It

    You should clean your LCD Screen display by applying the cleaner to a soft, clean cloth. Then you should wipe the cloth across the display from left to right, moving from the top of the display down to the bottom of the display. If your display contains grease or some other contaminant, then you should dampen your cloth with water instead of a commercial cleaner as the cleaner may smear the contaminants across the screen.

  3. poopsywickle says:

    Walmart or Big Lots

  4. I scream for ICE CREAM!! says:

    you can get it for free if you steal from your company 😉

  5. NikeStar says:

    e-bay. If you looking anything like mouse,…, any PC hardware, tell sellers what you wanna get wipes for free and you’ll get it, because it’s very chip stuff

  6. andykpln says:

    try walmart and Aldi’s grocery store in the uk thats definely an idea

  7. serenity says:

    They sell them in poundland. In a tub like baby wipes.

  8. jupiter says:

    PC world

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