Where can you find good ladies shoes on sale in London now?

Can anyone help me? My favorite brand is Miss Sixty and Clarks, but in this currenty sale frenzy, I haven’t yet found what I like in my local stores. Are there any other good shops which have some bargains now in London?

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  1. Bianca says:

    Well, you can go to John Lewis, Debenhams (massive sales at the moment at Debenhams!), House of Fraser, Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty etc. Also, there are many other shoe shops in London… absolutely tons! It all depends on which type of shoes you want really – casual, fancy, party etc.
    Also, there’re Clarks and Miss Sixty shops in London. Just go shopping in Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Knightsbridge.
    Good Luck!

  2. catweazle says:


  3. yesser says:

    these are a great bargain on sale online

  4. Onyimeme says:

    I don’t know about Clarks, but Harrods usually has a fantastic sale. There are all brands of shoes and you will be pleasantly surprised at the bargain, i know cos i used to work there.

  5. slayer73uk says:

    Sniff on Great Titchfield Street W1, has a great sale on at the moment. their shoes are usually a little pricey, but the reductions are great.
    Also, as has already been suggested, Harrods is worth a look. Wait till things have calmed down a bit, but they do offer massive reductions. I once got a pair of Kurt Geigers in there for £50, ewduced from £160. They do cheaper brands too, with reductions just as good.

  6. retep g says:

    My wife does’nt bother going to the January sales she prefer’s to get hers from the Car-Boot sales, believe it or not they actually sell shoes also. Happy New Year.

  7. lis_sa says:

    shellys alwAYS have sales

  8. trinifleur says:


    don’t know about those brands, but u can find some good boots at Primart!

  9. flower says:

    Russell and Bromley have a big sale. Also Aldo does nice fashion shoes

  10. b97st says:

    I saw some really nice ones in Dolcis and River Island in Ealing.

  11. Becca says:

    If you can bare it TK Maxx sell Miss sixty.

    But if you dare to step foot, i cannot over emphasise that you go first thing in the morning.

  12. Emma W says:

    Brave person trying to shop in the sales at the moment! Its too frustrating its almost impossible to find something you want and wen you do they never have your size, then if you do find something your size and eventually get to the change rooms to try it on…it doesn’t suit you! Easier to just wait till after the rush

  13. Worlds Biggest St. Helens Fan says:

    Don’t you women have enough shoes as it is?

  14. cristi x says:

    is first woamen you meeting of tthe street dreems

  15. Latest Trend says:

    A good place to look is office, as they have a range of stunning shoes. If i had the money i would be straight in the shop, buying all the latest designs.

  16. EllieW says:

    Schuh is cool, and I’m pretty sure they sell Miss Sixty shoes -they sell loads of brands, anyway.

    There is one on Oxford street, but if you don’t want to brave the shop, they have a good online site.

  17. cookie says:

    Debenhams have got a brilliant sale at the moment, until 4th Jan…. good luck!

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