Where can you get a voucher for x box live gold?

I think its safer to use a voucher than giving out your card pin for them to take money when ever they want! So was wondering where I can get one and how much for?

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4 Responses to “Where can you get a voucher for x box live gold?”

  1. James says:

    The big Morrisions and places like that do them if they have an electronics bit, Game, Amazon, Hmv, Argos etc!

  2. michelle s says:

    im sure you can buy them in supermarkets, currys and pc world also sell them

  3. Harold Swimm says:

    The best and probably cheapest way to get one is off amazon, its 30 pound for a 1 year subscription or GAME do them for about 35 pound

  4. Pete says:

    I find eBay is the cheapest last one I got was £26.50 for the year and they emailed me the code with in 5 minutes of paying. just check the feed back before you buy though.
    I wouldn’t worry about Microsoft having your card details, it’s safe that’s why you pay to play on live, security. eBay/PayPal is secure to so wouldn’t worry about using your card to pay there either.

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