where could i get a record deal?

How could i get a record deal most people go and audition somewhere. but can you do it different than that maybe apply on a site or something im not sure, any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “where could i get a record deal?”

  1. Christopher C says:


    Looking for a record deal? Want to get signed to a record label? Phantom City Studios is looking to sign new artists. Send demos to Phantom City Studio’s record label in Orlando, Florida for a chance to get signed or get a distribution deal. Phantom City Studios is near Disney, and Universal Studios, in Orlando, Florida.

    Go to PhantomCityStudio.com/Demo_Submission for details on how to send your demo to Phantom City Studio in Orlando, Florida for a chance to GET SiGNED and get a record deal with Phantom City Studio’s Record Label.

  2. Columnated Ruins Domino says:

    Well, as talent, musical ability and innovation are no longer necessary to make it in the music biz, just make sure you are stick thin, can mime perfectly, are prepared to do a few raunchy shots (i.e. sticking your tongue erotically into a Muller yogurt), and hey presto! The millions will come rolling in…

  3. Sapphire says:

    Send a demo tape to various radio stations. They might pick up on it.

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