where could you sell a £1000 gift voucher?

where could you sell a gift voucher without losing out? everyone seems to be out for the best deal (fair enough) but the company wont change the voucher for cash and I duno where to sell it and how much for? any ideas?

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3 Responses to “where could you sell a £1000 gift voucher?”

  1. «¤ÊX§ÂÐVØCÂTʤ» ¤ says:

    Or better yet instead of your local news paper try out graigslist.org you can buy sell and trade locally there and the services are free

  2. Anna Jane says:

    Try selling it on ebay. You can sell practically anything on ebay. Or else try advertising it in your local newspaper.

  3. Tammy N says:

    ebay will charge you £100+ in fees if i was you i would list it on jtbids for free but remember to put a reserve on

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