Where do i get good deals for Las Vegas hotel accommodation?

We’re going to Las Vegas for a week this september but have not booked accomodation. Not wishing to spend a fortune, so where is the best hotel? Or would love to know how to get the best deals

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  1. Chip O says:

    Cut out the middle man and book directly from the hotels using their discount promo codes. Here are few codes to give you an idea of the kind of discounts out there.

  2. snailysnal says:

    Hmmm. Well right now you can stay on the strip dirt cheap. I think since the economy is so bad and its slow this time of year. I dont know about Sept & October.
    We stayed off the strip at The Gold Coast when we went a few weeks ago. These off the strip hotels are a bit cheaper. They actually arent bad because they had shuttles that take you to the strip and back all day long. If you stay at the Rio or Gold Coast, the shuttles only take like less than 5 mins and BOOM you are there – center strip.

    So i guess what im saying is dont let those kind of hotels scare you. The shuttle services are actually pretty good and you can save some $$ beause you arent directly on the strip

  3. RaffiTheMaster says:

    Sometimes it depends on who your travel agent is. Its hard to find good deals in any hotel accommodation. I would look up online somewhere or refer to the brochures on cheap rates and quotes.

  4. Rosemary R says:

    Get on the mailing lists for Mandalay Bay and New York, New York. Maybe Paris and Cesar’s too. I’ve stayed everywhere and they send me deals all the time.

  5. searchthang says:

    You can find some really great Las Vegas hotel deals at

    The best 5 star hotel in Vegas is The Venetian, according to Priceline , and you’ll be able to compare prices with Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline at that blog above.

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