Where do I send my CIS25 vouchers?

I have already filed my self-assessment online but need to send my vouchers to the inland revenue. I would need the correct inland revenue address for that purpose, rather than just their head office or whatever.
Thank you

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  1. Gavin F says:

    Hi Michelle, this is the same situation I have had with some of my clients for whom I file their tax return online. Your statement of account from HMRC will be sent by your tax office. You can therefore send your CIS25 vouchers to that addres (which is in the top right hand corner of your statement of account). However, make sure you make a photocopy of your CIS25 vouchers before sending off. I would also recommend writing a covering letter stating that you have submitted your income tax return online (quoting your 10 digit unique tax reference) and you have it, you can print off a copy of the HMRC receipt that you might have received by e-mail to show that HMRC have received your online tax return. You should also have received an "IR mark" when you submitted your tax return online, and it is useful to include this long reference in the covering letter supporting your CIS25 vouchers. Although it is a pain and extra cost, I would also recommend posting by "signed for" with Royal Mail so that you know the vouchers arrived safely.
    Regards, Gavin

  2. Fuentes says:

    HM Revenue and Customs

  3. fengirl2 says:

    Ring the general HMRC enquiry line, quote your self assessment unique reference number and they will be able to look you up on their computer and tell you the name and address of your tax office.

  4. thomas995373 says:

    You should have correspondence from HMRC re Self Assessment etc. which will carry the Area office address. That said, any HMRC office will accept the vouchers and they will forward them onto the Area which holds your records.

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