Where Do I Stand & Do I Have Any Rights?

Hi, i hope someone can help as i’m not sure where i stand with this situation.
Ok so i returned my Sony digital camera in its Original box including all contents & accessories to Argos to be sent off for repair & was told i’d get a txt msg when its returned back to the store & ready to collect. I heard nothing for a month so went to Argos to get an update, they enquired & told me that it had been sent back to them (Recorded mail through royal mail) but that they had’nt recieved it. They tried phoning royal mail but gave up trying to get an answer for over 10mins. They then gave me a replacement & i was happy….until i got home, checked it out & noticed the seal on the box had been broken & a sticker had been put over it saying “Opened & examined by Customer view”. I never viewed it in store at all & assumed i was getting a brand new, unopened item. Anyway, when i got home i had a royal mail note put through my door saying that there was a packet which could’nt be delivered as it needed to be signed for & that i could collect it at the P.O depot. Off i went to collect this “packet” not having a clue what it was & not even thinking it would be my camera as it was supposed to be returned to Argos, i signed for this little brown box & still had no clue until i got outside & opened it. I was’nt sure what to think as in this box was just my camera wrapped in bubble wrap & a note saying that they found no faults. The original box & all accessories were missing so all i had was the camera & its battery, no charger, no leads, no manual or warranty form! Under normal circumstances i would not have been very happy but seeing as i now have 2 camera’s with 1 set of accessories i wont grumble too much! So now i have 2 camera’s, 2 receipts although 1 has “received” written on it & i’m wondering if i need to give one back to Argos? I am annoyed at the whole way things have been dealt with & also for being lied to when i asked “who are Camtronics & are they part of Sony?” The lady at Argos said “Oh yeah, yeah they are” when in fact they’re nothing to do with Sony, they just repair products from sony & other manufacturers. Its more the fact that i sent the camera away just as i’d bought it including all accessories & packaging only to recieve just the camera back with its battery, wrapped in bubble wrap & unsecured in a box too big to stop it sliding around! Maybe Argos keeps the packaging & thats why it should’ve been sent back to them 1st, idk but it does’nt seem like it was very well looked after when i returned it for repair.
What are my rights? Do i have to give 1 camera back & if so which 1, the replacement or the original one i bought? If i dont have to give 1 back, can i demand my other box & accessories to my original camera?
I only signed for my original camera when i collected it from the P.O & nothing was signed at Argos when the replacement was given to me over the counter.
Apologies for the mammouth question but wanted to include all the facts to hopefully get the right answers.
Any help is appreciated, thx in advance:)

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3 Responses to “Where Do I Stand & Do I Have Any Rights?”

  1. MYRTEL says:

    The store you bought it from is 100% responsible for resolving this matter.
    This is about ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE. If you seem weak and feeble and ignorant of your legal rights the store will not respect your needs. So, write a letter addressed to the CEO of Argos put in an envelope and take to the manager of the store where you bought the camera. Insist on seeing THE MANAGER no one else. tell the manager – You have my money, I have a faulty camera and you have the charger, leads etc. The Camera was returned because it was faulty – it was sent back to me with parts missing (dont separate the actual Camera from the other bits, because you bought it as a whole package) it is still faulty.
    I want all my money back – I dont want a voucher and I dont have to accept a voucher. But if you hand me now a brand new Camera with accessories I may accept.
    Here is a letter for the CEO just to show you how serious I am about this. This letter explains my intent to go on local radio and internet social sites such as Facebook, eventually to small claims court. I am not leaving this store until I get satisfaction.
    That is how you deal with this. Also DO NOT mention the second Camera, keep that out of the discussion.
    The law says that once a repair has failed this points to an inherent fault and you are entitled to your money back. (NOT VOUCHERS) even so the service overall has been such that you are now entitled to your money back. They have had your money – you have not had a working camera – simple as that. If you are not strong and dont stick to your argument you will end up having whatever derisory service they choose to give.
    remember – they are not doing you a favour – YOU HANDED THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY – so fight your corner.

  2. NeilSher says:

    Sounds like Argos is the retail Store who, if smart, would give you a “loss leader”; they take the “loss” on It hoping that will “lead” to “customer satisfaction” so you’ll come back and buy more stuff in the future. Unless they told you it was a “lender” to “use until yours gets back”, it’s yours to do with as your conscience dictates, just like if it was a Pen or a T-Shirt for advertising and promotion. The other camera is, of course yours that you purchased and being a pest about getting the rest of its outfit back would depend on justifying your costs for phone calls and letters to do that.

  3. Sas says:


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