Where is the best deals for a Nintendo Wii Bundle?

I would like to buy a Nintendo Wii package for my daughter for Christmas. Anybody got any ideas where the best deals are at the moment?

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  1. JJ says:

    walmart.com offers some where you can pick out games and other accessories. Otherwise try gamestop.com as well.

  2. hailey_ellis7 says:

    personally, it say the 3ads or EBAY, ebay is the best i’d say.

  3. Deano B says:


    Take a look at this stock locator…


    I’m not saying you need to buy from here but It does provide a great overview of the current prices. And if you do see something you like you can grab it quick

  4. perfectvelvet says:

    You can view various deals and their availability from http://wiitracker.com

    My recommendation is Wal-Mart. I got my bundle there. It’s a bit pricey off the top because of what you get, but the beauty of Wal-Mart is you can return everything to your local brick and mortar store.

    I don’t like the bundle offers from most other stores because you can’t choose the games you get, and most of the ones they’re giving you as part of the bundle are being offered because they’re crappy games. With Wal-Mart, you get to choose from a list of great games and, if you don’t want all of them, just pick some and return them to the store for a refund.

  5. josmountcastle says:

    Here are some for you on the shoppingandmuchmore website

  6. Lynda D says:

    Barnes and noble has the smash bros bundle which is a pretty good deal.

  7. JESSICA says:

    As per my experince you sholud order online at http://www.blueunplugged.com/p.aspx?p=121764 for nintendo wii console+wii sport 5 games pack only about £153.10 which is much lower than others given above. the 5 games pack include tennis, baseball, boxing, bowling and golf. package contents are wii remote. nunchuk, sensor bar, wii connect24 and wii sports.

  8. c mare says:

    I got a wii on friday from game station for £230 which had

    1 Wii
    2 controls
    2 numchucks
    2 games
    2 year cover
    1 charging station

    also looked in the game shop that same thing was £50 more hope this helps.

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