Where is the best place to buy newborn clothes?

i’d like to know where, all you mothers bought newborn baby clothes from…Ive already started shopping for my baby, and i bought sleepsuits and vests from marks&spencer and some cute white outfits from GAP, but where would you recommend, in regards of quality and price? I live in the UK.

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  1. magic eyes says:

    don’t spend too much on clothes yet as your baby will grow out of them really quickly next has some really good quality baby wear but i would wait till you baby is a little older and everyone will be able to see the clothes that he/she will be wearing as younger babies are always tucked away in their baskets wrapped up in a baby shawl.
    you will need bodysuits rather than vests and m&s is good if you find any in the sale otherwise primark and boots are good. for sleepsuits again primark or boots and do buy a bit bigger sizes as they will last longer
    good luck with the baby xx

  2. Dakotas mama says:

    I like JC Penney, Kohls, and somethings at Walmart. A lot of clothes tend to be cheaper at JC Penneys if you catch a sale.

  3. Chris cc says:

    Those cabbage patches.

  4. ERICA L says:

    gymboree ,com

  5. ~Honey~ says:

    target wal mart any place

  6. berryred says:


  7. jeanimus says:

    I actually got some very nice, basic stuff for my granddaughter from Tesco, it was cheap and good quality. Not very trendy I must admit, but then it was more practical stuff.

  8. TK says:

    I was buying names brand clothes from the mall but I was spending a ton. I started to buy Ralph Lauren, Gap, Guess, The Childrens Place and Oldnavy on Ebay. I would by brand new items for much less than the stores. Check it out, I’m sure you will find great deals.

  9. Crazy says:

    Id suggest not buying any. If someone throws you a shower you will have more than enough. I made the mistake of buying my baby all this clothes and they are still in the packages. She just has way too many.

  10. CharlieWarlie says:

    Tesco, Asda and Woolworths, all so cute, good prices too

  11. the wolf says:

    i don’t know why new moms buy for new baby’s. a baby only wearers clothes for a short time and grows out fast. u r wasting ur money buying new. best find a second hand store for u clothes. save the money on dippers, bottles, and a baby sister so u can get away for a night.

  12. mankey says:

    Tesco’s and the have some really trendy stuff if you go now there’s a big sale on happy shopping

  13. missy s says:

    Do they have Old Navy in the UK??? That is the very best and they have an online store. The baby and kid clothes are so cheap, totally cute, and wash very well. I sure hope you have it in the UK. I couldn’t live without it. Sleepers are ten dollars (US Money) and onsies are about 7 dollars. And they last! Good luck.

  14. Laura says:


    Baby clothes need to be cotton and washable. They will be discarded so quickly you cannot believe and they will get stained.

    I loved buying cute stuff from M&S and the Gap, but I quickly found it better to buy good quality and cheap for this stage. I still bought the occasional cutey, but not for every day.

  15. misspinkkitten1978 says:

    Next and gap are great quality as are babble boom at debenhams. Tesco and asda are great for essentials items as so cheap. Places like matalan and primark great for socks and vests and woolworths have some nice outfits that wear well too.

  16. L D says:

    For the length of time that newborns and babys are in their clothes, it is not worth spending a lot of money on them. They grow so quickly that you’ll find yourself having to buy new things every other month. Buy from places like George at Asda or Tesco or even Primark. They are good quality and really good value for money. Plus when they start with leaky nappies and throwing up all over everything and you can’t get the stains out you wont resent having to bin them because you haven’t spent loads on them!

  17. Expectin'November30th says:

    OLD NAVY has the cutest little baby clothes. Nice colors, worth the great price, and A LOT of them have cust/funny sayings on them. I think they may only be in the U.S. and Canada tho’ sorry.

  18. vicki b says:

    next do really good baby clothes. they are slightly more pricier than normal but they wash and iron really well without going bobbly and losing their shape

  19. mummy of 2 says:

    I think NEXT is fantastic. There price range is super an the clothes are soooo cute. x

  20. jerseyjane says:

    pumpkin patch is gorgeous but not the cheapest…. i find m&s clothes far too big. i got most of mine from next, really good selection and price and best of all they get the sizes right… oh and you can’t beat gap for newborn socks that stay on..!

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