Where is the best place to get a bra fitted ?

This is my first time, I am in Scotland, and we don’t have selfridges or anything like that. Where I am we have :

La Senza
Marks & Spencer
John Lewis
and that’s the only one’s i think do it.

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11 Responses to “Where is the best place to get a bra fitted ?”

  1. boom boom that cherry girl says:

    marks and spencers and wildings

  2. missasia22 says:

    if you were in the u.s. i would suggest victoria’s secret. they measure pretty well.

  3. *Angel* says:

    They are all great places. I would personally recommend Marks and Spencer or maybe BHS. La Senza is good, but they work on a more local basis i.e. they fit according to their personal sizes and measurements on their own brand.


  4. MissQueenConfuzzled. :) says:

    BHS is good.
    Also, try debanhams, if you have that in Scotland.

  5. Isabella says:

    Marks and Spencers are very good and I think they do it for free…I’d try there first!!

  6. Jaques says:

    If you were in MT I’d say my house ’cause I do a splendid job, but ….

  7. Bianca loves you! says:

    Victorias Secret.

  8. Sarah says:

    i would have to say marks and spencer or bhs or john lewis.

  9. Violette Skies says:

    I’ve heard Marks & Spencer is pretty good but I’ve never been there personally.

    And don’t listen to the people telling you to go to Victoria’s Secret. The workers there are crap and don’t know how to measure correctly.

  10. skater boy says:

    my house lol

  11. annie says:

    Out of the choices you have listed, John Lewis is the best. Their staff usually go on a fitting course run by Eveden, who make the major brands of good quality bras like Freya and Fantasie.
    If you are young and still growing, they should take that into account and make sure you have enough growing room in your bra.
    M&S fitting is usually too loose to be of any real benefit, and the others are very hit and miss.
    If there are any independent bra shops, try them too. They tend to survive if they are good at what they do.

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