where is the best place to get a good bargain on a new washing machine and fridge freezer?

getting my first house in a couple of weeks and so need a bargain! preferably a company in yorkshire.

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  1. charterman says:

    I agree with TJ, go to a outlet that sells ‘ blemished’ appliances. I did and saved hundreds off the list price.
    The one I went to is in Wythenshawe, Manchester and I bought a £600 washing machine for £200 because the top had a crack and the door a small scratch.
    I also bought an American style fridge freezer that retailed at £800 for £250 because it had a minor dent on the door.
    The only drawback with it is that your food looks lost in it. We only really fill it at Christmas.
    Both appliances are still giving excellent service 5 years on.

  2. David G says:

    A store who sells them………………..

  3. Nicole says:

    Check out your local newspaper’s freeads or if you prefer to buy new take a trip down to comet pick the ones you want then tell the sales man you want to take out the extended guarantee on both items and ask for a discount for doing so….then a week later cancel the direct debits for the extended guarantee before they take the first payment. I have tried this in comet but it should work in similar stores e.g currys etc

  4. t j says:

    most manufactures have a factory shop outlet and sell what they call seconds, it might only b a scratch, or mark that cant b removed,and they sell them at reduced prices,worth a few phone calls.

  5. momof6 says:


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