Where is the best place to go on the internet to find bargain holidays?

I have looked all night to try and find a site for cheap holidays but when all extras are added up its not much of a bargain. Please help? I need a holiday!!!!

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8 Responses to “Where is the best place to go on the internet to find bargain holidays?”

  1. barry bucknell says:


  2. Jay90 says:

    if i was you i would browse different sites and compare prices.

  3. MALCOLM D says:

    portlanddirect.com cheap good holidays have a look or excel.com i booked with portland good deals to be had

  4. yasmine4 says:

    Try http://www.thefirstresort.co.uk , I got a really good deal for a holiday in Corfu last year.

  5. lifesagambol says:

    Try this question in the Travel Section for better results?

    You could try http://www.bargainholidays.com!
    Otherwise Google( cheap bargain holidays ) and check out the results. If you have any specific destination in mind add this to the search (note Google has a good spell check for names).
    The increase in extra charges is common to everyone these days – sad but true.

  6. carole p says:

    opodo is the best!!!!!!!!!……..i think!

  7. nanniesgrotto says:

    a web site

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