Where is the best place to sell books online?

I have old Uni books that I want to sell. I was going to sell them on Amazon.co.uk but would ebay be better? Or some other website?


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4 Responses to “Where is the best place to sell books online?”

  1. Booster says:

    Abe Books buy Text books – so you don’t have to wait till it sells to someone else.

    You may get more cash at other sites but you will have to wait until it sells. Try

    You won’t need to pay to post your ad at the above sites.

    See http://saveandmake.webs.com/recycling.htm for details of how these sites work.

  2. john_smith says:

    Well, eBay will cost you money to sell them but you can try posting free ads on other classified sites such as http://unitedkingdom.postad.co.uk olx.org.uk, etc

    Hope it helps

  3. Bizdik says:

    Try OzAdz – its free!

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