where is the cheapest place to buy DVDs?

not from the chinese people on the street.

and can you pay other than using a card, can i send them a cheque

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18 Responses to “where is the cheapest place to buy DVDs?”

  1. Benj says:


  2. need2know says:


  3. Nicky T says:

    Only place I can think of is ebay.com, where you can send a cheque.

  4. Boss says:


  5. suzypjs2000 says:


  6. Buddy says:


  7. BaddaBaddaBing says:

    On the HMV website on the internet. You get dvds and cds ETC cheaper than in the store.

  8. keithzworld says:

    Go onto http://www.ebay.com, and bid for a dvd just before the deadline, if the dvd hasn’t recieved many other bids you could get for a really low price. I’m not sure about ebay but some websites will actually allow you to send a postal order.

  9. kevin p says:

    try ebay or bid tv

  10. bob P says:

    you can get cheap DVDs on line at over stock.com

  11. chrissie says:

    i use amazon i find its really cheap. not sure about the cheques tho

  12. toon.army01 says:

    Forget the rest here is the best.www.find-dvd.co.uk.Have a look and you will see what i mean.

  13. Jonny Boy says:



  14. caretoshare2000 says:

    It has to be either eBay or Amazon.co.uk. You can also compare prices on Yahoo’s Shopping page.

    The cheapest place to buy an DVD is usually online because they don’t have the same overheads as high street retailers. The downside is you will almost always have to end up paying by card.

  15. ian s says:

    the cheapest way to by dvds is just to browse around in shops like blockbuster 1.00 for a decent film or check out play.com

  16. sharkattack226 says:

    i’d go to hollywood video or blockbuster & buy the used dvd’s

  17. bert says:

    try asda, tesco or hmv.
    they all normally do cheap stuff, i have got alot of them from these places.

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