Where should i put my daughters £250 trust fund voucher?

I’m wondering if any one could give any advice on where to put my daughters trust fund voucher?

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5 Responses to “Where should i put my daughters £250 trust fund voucher?”

  1. froggyherts says:

    You (well as couple) are the only person who can decide that, but you need to think about what your priorities are:
    – are you ready to take risks with your kid’s money? then an equity based CTF would be good as it MAY get better returns (but can also make losses, don’t forget that)
    – would you rather play it safe and have regular (but never spectacular) growth? then a cash CTF will be your best option.

    In both cases, i would go with a building society right now, but that’s just me not liking banks much.
    I used my son’s voucher to get him a Cash CTF with Nationwide – nice tax free interest rate, and absolutely no risks, as I would hate to loose his money, but as I said it’s a very personal choice.

    Once you have set it up, remember to give the details to your family, so they can add money to the fund for your daughter’s birthdays and christmases – you’d be amazed how fast it then grows (my son just had about £100 for his second birthday from his uncles and aunts, all safely in his fund).

  2. Princess_Jane says:

    Put it in the child trust fund account that you recieve it from (thats what i did anyway!!) or set up a bank account for her!

  3. Sa_San says:

    In a safe deposit box at your local bank.

  4. YAHOO says:

    give it to me, I help you save it. 😀

  5. Pete says:

    Under the mattress for about 6 months and see what banks are left to put it in.

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