Where Should I Stay – Best Buy Or Sears?

So I work at both but found out it is a conflict of interest and now I have to decide where to stay but cant decide! Best Buy OR Sears??! Listed below are some factors that I’m using to try to help….
Best buy: I am getting paid well, good discount, cool co workers, 10 miles from home, fun workplace, decent dress code
Sears: I am paid minimum wage, helpful discount, really cool co workers, 19 miles from home, fun workplace, I am a favorite of the managers and might get considered for promotion after holidays, nice simple dress code
So what would YOU choose? In the end its my decision but I would love other’s opinions and inputs. Thank you!

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One Response to “Where Should I Stay – Best Buy Or Sears?”

  1. Miramar says:

    Based upon your reasonings, I would go with Best Buy. You’re already getting paid well (whereas there is no guarantee you will get a promotion after the holidays), and it’s closer to home (a huge benefit to me. I drive 25 miles one way to work every day and despise it) — save yourself some gas money.
    Imagining the two, I can also see Best Buy being a more up-beat environment. Who knows, keep up the hard work and perhaps you could get a promotion at Best Buy on top of already getting paid well!

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