Where Should I Visit In England?

Right now I’m a freshman in high school and I am really thinking about either taking a year off before college or at least using the summer to travel by myself, but I have time to think about that 🙂 Anyways, if anyone could tell me what a good area in England that would be worthwhile to visit. I’m not looking for something really touristy or pointless; I’d rather go to a place that I can really take something away from it and experience the culture. Also, if anyone has any tips or suggestions about traveling in England they would be very appreciated. And if anyone has been backpacking through England I would love to hear about some of your experiences because I might consider doing that.
Oh and also I do have a job and I’m saving up for this but I still want to travel on a low budget so nothing extravagant or expensive.

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2 Responses to “Where Should I Visit In England?”

  1. British says:

    Firstly, we hate it when you say England (just like you hate us calling you Yanks) it’s Britain or UK;)
    Britain is a gorgeous island. You could visit London, spend some time in the Lake District, the Scottish Highland, or the Isle of Arran which is a sizeable island off the West coast of Scotland. It is absolutely stunning. For you tho, you’ll want tons to do, places to go, things to see. I think London is the best. I live in London, and it never ceases to amaze, inspire and liven me every time I walk outside. Stay very Central though. Everywhere else is just houses.
    ‘When a man is bored of London, he is bored of life.’

  2. north-we says:

    Backpacking your probably better going wales or Scotland wales in warmer. Went camping a lot in wales when I was a kid its good laugh probably be a bit sh!t if your alone
    For partying Liverpool,Newcastle,Blackpool o wouldn’t go to London never been but seems like a sh!t hole to me.

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