where the best place to buy paintball vouchers for someone?

I have had some good quotes already but maybe someone else knows? I just want the entrance vouchers not the ones that have the balls included. I want to buy about 10 or so.

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3 Responses to “where the best place to buy paintball vouchers for someone?”

  1. mrs eggs says:

    woolworths is a good place. it does a deal which admits six people for twenty quid and the voucher lasts for a year. you have to pay ten pound for a 100 balls on arrival. hope you have fun.

  2. peachesandcream says:

    at http://www.buyagift.co.uk its only £20 for eight people and it comes in a wicked gift box with other vouchers and free gifts! 🙂

  3. Caroline V says:

    Paintballing for 2 in Argos page 1441 29.99

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