Where to buy a good value PSU for my computer?

I own this computer.


I am planning on buying a GTX 760 and I am in need of a PSU that would be able to cope. If somebody could drop me a link to an excellent value PSU that would meet this GPU’s requirements that would be great.

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  1. TheRandomGuy7 says:

    First of all, great choice of graphics card. I have a 760, and would recommend the MSI version as the cooler is the best of all manufacturers for this card.

    My 760, along with an overclocked i5 3570K, is powered by an XFX Pro 650W power supply. It is more than enough to do the job, and still be on the safe side.

    XFX and Corsair are the best brands to get power supplies from. NEVER buy from unheard of manufacturers for PSU’s. The wattage they say on the box will not be true at all if it is not 80+ Bronze Certified, which would result in it not being able to power your PC and maybe cause damage. For your system, around 700W will be absolutely fine. 650W does the trick for me.

    If you don’t want to spend too much, these will do the job perfectly:



    Unless you plan to have more than one graphics card, it would be complete overkill to get more than 750W.

    I can see you are from the UK, so don’t even try to use Newegg like another answerer suggested. I would love to use them, but in the UK we cannot. Amazon.co.uk are by far the best place to buy PC components from in the UK. Fantastic prices most of the time, good delivery and packaging, and the best customer service I have ever witnessed. I will link my recommendations from Amazon.co.uk.

  2. Dakota says:

    Are you overclocking? If so and you want headroom to add more later here is a 700w psu


    if you want something that can just handle that setup and minimal overclocking


    plus keep an eye out for newegg sales, this will more than likely be the cheapest place to get one. Tigerdirect, Newegg, Amazon, Microcenter, Frys are all good places to get psu’s at a reasonable price

    Good brands are Corsair, Coolermaster, Antec, Thermaltake and others just make sure to read reviews on the one your looking at

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