Where To Buy Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5 Or 6?

I’m needing to buy adobe premiere for some video editing projects I’m working on but I only have around $200 to spend. Does anyone know where I might could buy a student version for around that or find it used? I don’t want a version lower then cs5. I’ve already used up the trial I had.
Adobe doesn’t havea student discount on it and B&H photo video doesn’t either within my price range.
I’ve been checking around eBay to see if someone is selling it but I can’t find what I need.
And please don’t tell me to go download it from somewhere for free. I want to buy it or try to tell me another software. I’ve already been using premiere a long time because of college so that’s what I want to stick with.

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One Response to “Where To Buy Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5 Or 6?”

  1. Chuka Ukekwe says:

    try the adobe website or go to google shopping type in what your looking for and type in your price range.

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