Where to buy handpainted oil paintings on canvas in London?

Everytime I go into an oil painting shop it cost hundreds of pounds for a painting, and the cheaper ones are just prints.

I want hand painted oil paintings on canvas for an affordable price.
So far I’ve found that ebay is the cheapest place, such as this seller http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/ky_kto

Anyone else knows any other places/ways to buy handpainted oil paintings on canvas?

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2 Responses to “Where to buy handpainted oil paintings on canvas in London?”

  1. the Original Max says:

    try the sunday market on Bayswater Road. It has some beautiful oils in all styles and is financially accessible. Its on the park so you can pop over for a stroll while you decide

    Also try Portobello Market on a saturday

  2. derfini says:

    Local arts societies will have exhibitions at places like public libraries. In fact, my own group is hanging a three-week exhibition tomorrow at Gayton Library, Lyon Road, Harrow, if you fancy coming over on the Metropolitan Line.

    Seriously – do enquire at the Library or ring your Art & Culture Officer at the Town Hall for information on what’s going on.

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