Where To Find Chihuahuas For Sale?

I’m looking for a chihuahua and I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that sell them.? But I don’t want to pay like 500-600 dollars for one.

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2 Responses to “Where To Find Chihuahuas For Sale?”

  1. Some should stick to pet rocks says:

    If you do not want to pay for a quality dog from a reputable breeder, go to your local shelters & humane society. Also check breed rescues.

  2. Rosalie says:

    Easy. Just look up Chihuahua Rescue and your state – you’ll find at least one place they have a bunch of great dogs. They are all spayed and neutered already and vetted – so the price is even better. You not only a get a dog, you get one that has been screened and fostered and vaccinated. It should go to your vet’s just for a short exam, but the major work will have been done. Rescues often get a discount and are eligible for spay/neuter programs you might not be able to get into, so it’s a huge savings, and you get a dog that actually needed a home.
    The last time I checcked, there were 116,500 Chi’s in need of adoptive homes on Petfinder.com
    Nobody needs to be making any more of these.

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