where to find extra long voile pane curtains?

where can I find extra long voile pane curtains? I am looking for something like this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MODERN-STRIPED-EYELET-RING-TOP-VOILE-PANEL-USED-AS-NET-CURTAINS-LOUNGE-/300919666668
but I need a 233 cm drop and the longest I can find is 228 cm

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3 Responses to “where to find extra long voile pane curtains?”

  1. Hsquared says:

    Try Dunelm

  2. housedoc says:

    Hi – unfortunately, if you cannot get them the length you want – you would need to get them ‘custom’ made – have a look at some websites like these – although they will probably be more expensive – you will get them to fit exactly your window:




    Hope this helps:)

  3. Jennifer says:


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