Where To Get Female Mice In San Antonio?

I have a ball python and he eats small feeder mice. Today I got him two male mice and fed him one and put the other in a cage because my mom was attached. The reason I got two males is because PetCo only sales males so they dont have babies, and PetSmart doesnt sell mice at all. I want to get a female so the one I have can have babies and I wont have to buy anymore snake food.
Does anyone know where to get female feeder mice in San Antonio Texas? Anyone have any for sell?

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One Response to “Where To Get Female Mice In San Antonio?”

  1. Lee Tsukasa says:

    try to find a breeder threw ads online, or see if you can post an add at petshops. make sure you know what you’re doing though, breeding mice can be dirty and hard to get going. not to mention the smell if you don’t clean properly.

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