Wheres The Best Place To Buy Tropical Fish? (online)?

Alot of people saying petco and pet smart and pet land discount has diseased fish.
Can anyone refer me to a good online site that doesn’t have exceedingly high shipping costs? I’ve seen many sites that charge 15-25$ standard shipping for 3$ fish..

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One Response to “Wheres The Best Place To Buy Tropical Fish? (online)?”

  1. Noah says:

    Go to PetSmart if you want to save money on Tropical Fish. No Shipping but gas will cost $25. – That was just a joke btw, lol.
    PetSmart has a 14-Day live guarantee on their fish. If they die within 14 days return/exchange it. I’ve had some fish die from PetSmart and it’s easy exchange but rarely a fish dies.
    So, If you want to save money just go to PetSmart.

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