Wheres the best place to get a (uk) PS3?

Where are the best deals? Which model should i get, i am not concerned with back compatibility. But i would like to get oblivion the game as well.
We don’t have walmart in the UK! (thank god) we do have tesco and asda though.

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  1. irishman says:


  2. ♥BrAnDi♥ says:


  3. lovellg14 says:

    toys r us there cheapest there and there beta in budles….thats how u buy em there

  4. zizou says:

    i would say either blockbuster, they have good deals including good games.
    or go to game or gamestation, they are probably the best.

  5. jacktheman4 says:

    hey i would say play.com or amazon i got a ps3 of amazon for 200 pound i was well chuffed
    mabey you should give it a try

  6. Klute says:

    They have the best deals for the PS3.

  7. Trasher says:

    ebay r walmart

  8. Hot_Luv says:

    hey, well if your not concerned about backwards compatibility then i would recommend you get the 40gb ps3 as it is practically the same as the 60gb, with 2 usb ports and you cant play ps2 games. the 40gb has wi-fi, blu-ray, rechargcher for controller, same games.

    also the games out right now are quality including ratchet and clank, uncharted, call of duty 4 and assassins creed.

    I would recommend HMV as they have been very helpful in my experience or gamestation where in my local store they have the 40gb as £299 and any game for free. hope this helps and enjoy your new playstation.

    ps. wave – asda is owned by walmart so technically we do have walmart lol

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