Wheres the Ukash Voucher Value?

I’m trying to buy Gpotatoes and it asks for both the Ukash Voucher no (Is that the big long one at the bottom?) and the Ukash Voucher value, but I can’t find the Ukash Voucher Value on my voucher, where is it?

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One Response to “Wheres the Ukash Voucher Value?”

  1. Freedom of Choice says:

    Depending on where you bought the ukash voucher you will find the value in different places. It can be found on the back of the card under nominal value or it can appear under the field amount. The Ukash Voucher number usually starts with 633 and has 19-digits. It is called voucher number or pin or pin code. If you couldn’t find any of the above remember how much did you pay for the ukash voucher. Its value can be what you paid let’s say 10GBP or something around that taking in consideration that some seller may take a fee. Usually the value is 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. If you paid 11GBP the value should be 10GBP.

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