Which Book Should I Read First In My Tbr Pile?

so recently, i went to barnes and noble and got myself like 4 bags of books!!! The thing is, Im in 8th grade and don’t have a lot of time to read….i don’t even know why i bought so many books! anyway this is my TBR pile. Im currently reading Scat by carl Hiaasen.
1.Princess academy
2. the girl who could fly
3.The twisted tragedy of miss Natalie Stewart
4. The spindlers
5. Walk two moons
6. a series of unfortunate events book 1
7. notes from an accidental band geek
8. the miraculous journey of edward tullane
9. the cricket in times square
10. percy jackson series (5 books)
11. the mother-daughter book club series (5 books)
12.pretty little liars box set (first 4 books)
my mum gave me the first 5 books on the list, and someone gave me a $200 b&n voucher for christmas and i spent it on the rest. (my dad gave me clothes vouchers, but I’m more of the book type.) so that makes 23 books on my TBR list!! OMG i think i will finish these like, february next year!

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3 Responses to “Which Book Should I Read First In My Tbr Pile?”

  1. TwoDirec says:

    I love Princess Academy! I’d save the series books for last unless you’re dying to read them, Percy Jackson and PLL are good ones. And A Series of Unfortunate Events, if you finish this list I recommend the whole Unfortunate series including his autobiography. Happy reading!

  2. The llama says:

    Percy Jackson

  3. fuzzy says:

    the top one silly!

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