Which Books Are In Chris D’lacey’s Dragon Series?

i currently own:
the fire within
ice fire
fire star
the fire eternal
and dark fire
i was curious about whether there was any new aditions to the series, there is a new one out in october called rain and fire, that’s on the official website
( http://www.thelastdragonchronicles.com/i… )
but on amazon other books are mentioned (the fire ascending and fireworld) http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/140831391X/re…
they arent mentioned on the official website are they one of the same books with a different title for another country?
please help me! i need to know whether i need to update my little collection =]

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One Response to “Which Books Are In Chris D’lacey’s Dragon Series?”

  1. Evelyn says:

    1. The Fire Within (2001)
    2. Icefire (2003)
    3. Fire Star (2005)
    4. The Fire Eternal (2007)
    5. Dark Fire (2009)
    6. Fire World (2011)
    7. The Fire Ascending (2012)

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