Which Creatine Supplement Is The Best?

Im 18. want to take creatine. ive done some researching and found some products causing bloating and stuff.. I want a product that is safe to use and fine for the health.. I do not want to gain too much weight. i want muscle but not fat (obviously nutrition and other factors account)
1. What products do you recommend?
2. Description of the product.. how did it help you
ps. heard decacor was good?

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One Response to “Which Creatine Supplement Is The Best?”

  1. Fady says:

    universal is the highest quality it is also monohydrate the only properly researched creatine. It is 100% safe. it does not have any bad side effects if you drink water (all creatines are the same). it does not affect fat but you will gain water weight that will go away when you stop taking it. creatine works by giving you more energy so you can do more reps, it doesn’t just give you muscle.
    here is a good place to get some iherb.com and here is a discount code mfp271

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