Which deal is better?

I want to get a Blackberry 8520. Found these two deals, which do you think is the best?

Handset Price: £50
Monthly Price: £20
Texts: 5000
Minutes: 500
Data: 500 MB
12 Months

Handset Price: free
Monthly Price: £15
Texts: 500
Minutes: 100
Data: 1 GB
24 Months

Thank you 🙂
also the second one has unlimited bbm and e-mail

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4 Responses to “Which deal is better?”

  1. Frank Christian says:

    Hi, I would recommend you to go for first deal its profitable deal. But at last as you wish whichever you go.Thanks!

  2. princess_of_god_89 says:

    i say the 12 month plan. it cost a little more but you get more minutes and texting.

  3. Dec says:

    personally i would go with the first deal, its a little more expensive but you get alot more, sure the second deal has more data but surely you could just buy a 3gb card for next to nothing on ebay.

  4. Dr.J says:

    If you Talk and Text more, and don’t want the phone/contract for 2 years, the 1st deal is better.

    If you want to use the Data (Internet), BBM, and E-Mail a lot more, the 2nd deal is better.

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