Which deal is the best?

What’s the best and worst deal out of these four and why?

Total PM UPfront
£904 — £31PM — £160
£964 — £36PM — £100
£1014 –£41PM — £30
£1104 — £46PM — £Free

PM = Per Month
Upfront = Down Payment.

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One Response to “Which deal is the best?”

  1. Smiler says:

    I assume the total column is the total over the term of the contract, which appears to be 24 months. In which case the first option is the best deal as it has the lowest total cost and the last option is the worst as it has the highest total cost.

    This assumes you have £160 to make the up front payment, if you don’t then go for the deal with the highest up front payment that you can afford.

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