Which Graphics Card Is Best Between These 2?

Ok first of all I know i keep asking this, but i am trying to single out the best affordable card. Now in case that guy who answered both my last 2 questions reads this, I cant afford a gtx 650 Ti. Im from ZA and your currency far out ranks ours.
Anyhow I manage to get some amazon vouchers from survey sites which enables me to afford a bit of a higher card. Between the last list it seems the nividia gtx 650 was the best , but now with the vouchers i can afford a Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X HD 7770, but only if it is better then the gtx 650. So my question is…Is it better?

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2 Responses to “Which Graphics Card Is Best Between These 2?”

  1. bliq00 says:

    The RAdeon 7770 is about 15% faster for most games.

  2. J.d says:

    A beast gfx- nvidia 650 GT 2Gb. Is better.
    Go for it.
    Or u cn check it review on google.

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