Which Ipad To Buy. Differences. The Best One For Me?

Hi, I would like to buy my mum an ipad for her birthday but I don’t know much about them and I don’t understand a lot of the info on them. I don’t need the latest one. I’ve been looking on amazon.co.uk and I’ve seen an ipad 2. The ipad is mainly for using the internet with wifi, skype, google, maybe gps, kinddle, camara,ect. Personal things, not for buisness use and I’m not sure what the biggest one is. The mini ones are quite small and I don’t think my mum will see it as well.
Thank you for any answers.

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2 Responses to “Which Ipad To Buy. Differences. The Best One For Me?”

  1. Nico Badalamenti says:

    Well if your getting it for your mom then just stick with the ipad 2. The difference between the ipad 2, 3, 4 are that each of them is a little faster. And the bad thing about the ipad mini is doesnt have the retina display. Just stick witht the ipad 2.

  2. bliq00 says:

    I bought my mom an ipad2 32GB last month. I chose that because
    1. it’s much less expensive than ipad 3 and 4,
    2. My mom won’t really see the difference between retina and non retina screen,
    3. It’s actually lighter and has slightly longer battery life than the newer retina ipads
    4. It uses the older connector and my mom and dad have a lot of those charger cables for their iphones
    5. it can still do facetime
    The big + to the newer ipads is the clearer retina screen, but it matters most to someone who already has an ipad2 and will see the difference side to side.
    If you can spring for the extra cost of an ipad 3, that might be even better as you get almost all the plusses of the ipad 2 and gain retina screen in exchange for more cost. I’m assuming you’re not considering the wifi+cellular data models, but if you are, note that the newest one, ipad 4, has 4G which is far faster than the older 3G models.

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