Which is the best deal?

im after an iphone for my new contract and i found some good deals on iphone 4 8gb

£26 a month, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 250mb data, BT Wifi, £30 upfront cost
£27 a month, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1gb data, £49 upfront cost
£25 a month, 500 minutes, 5000 texts, unlimited data, £29 upfront cost

I am a person who calls quite a bit and who uses the internet when not at home, i also have an ipod touch so i use home wifi and other wifi’s in certain places.

if you could give me your opinions would be much greatful

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5 Responses to “Which is the best deal?”

  1. :) says:

    THEY Say it’s a DEAL but it’s NOT. iPhone 4 GB. Don’t do it.

    If I were you, I buy a PAYG iPhone. Than, get a SIM Only Plan. Trust me, it’s much cheaper.

    I pay, 500 mins, unlimited texts, 1gb Data for Only £10 per month on Vodaphone, That’s a DEAL.

  2. choose me as Best Answer says:

    Option 1: the unlimitted stuff is great! But 250 mg data isn’t really enough…

    Option 2:again, unlimmited really helps! But the upfront cost is too much!! 49$??

    Option 3: well thats about 166 texts a day and 16 minutes a day, so I think that’s pretty good, and unlimited data is AWESOME!!! Also, it’s the cheapest out of the three!

    So I think Option 3 is the best! 🙂

  3. Abuelita says:

    Go for 3 if you don’t talk a whole lot or text a lot the unlimited data is awesome, as long as your location supports the 3g or 4 g internet. Use it to email or tweet people if you use up all your minutes. Cheapest down payment and lowest monthly payment. I had to pay $199 for my iPhone, and my plan is $70 a month with less talk, no text and 2GB data. But I live in rural Idaho, no wifi except in our home, so we use the data a lot to google map places. The cell service is crappy unless we go out to a big meadow with a clear view to the cell tower.
    But, if you really yak a lot and can count on using wifi a lot, go for 2. You can always set your iPhone to wifi also. The first one is too short on the data amount IMHO. Your iPhone will have Bluetooth built in already I think, at least mine has it. Check that out too, cuz if it’s an add on you’ll want it for wifi.

    Depending on which part of the service you’d use most, the talk or the data, that should be your deciding point.

    Hope this helps, and obviously you’re in the UK and have different infrastructure. Yours shouldn’t be any worse than what we have up here, ours is Verizon. Good luck!

  4. TJ T says:

    I like option 3

    There are Txt apps that you can download and send/receive all your txt’s from the number assigned to the txt app. There all voice apps,

    So all/most your usage will be on the data side

  5. ABC123 says:

    For me £25 is the best. I think it should suit you as well.

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